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Hi! I’m AJ!

Breakdancer, 3D animator, and 4th year medical student.

While preparing for psychiatry residency, I have been producing complete online medical courses – which will be available at www.AJmonics.com once it is complete. 

In the meantime, you can find the pdf’s for my YouTube AJmonics review videos at this site. I hope you find them helpful!

I am here for you – let me know if you need anything. 


-Dr. Zoohoor

I am taking Step 2 this week and I am so glad i came across your videos! I've watched a lot, but yours has been the most comprehensive and easy to understand. Life saver!! Thank you!

Found your channel is the best thing happen in my life


AJ, not that it matters so much, but i just had to say i'm VERY grateful for your content. found your videos just at a time when i couldn't for the life of me motivate myself to study, you saved me so much time. you deserve the very best, such a kind soul- with the cutest videos it; i'll be sharing your videos with everyone i know.

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